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What's New With Apple's WWDC24 Event

Published: at 07:00 PM

WWDC 2024: A Comprehensive Recap

The 2024 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has wrapped up, showcasing significant updates across Apple’s ecosystem. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the key announcements.

iOS 18: A Major Overhaul

iOS 18 takes center stage with groundbreaking AI features and enhanced customization. Highlights include:

macOS 15: AI and More

macOS 15, continuing the trend of AI integration, introduces:

iPadOS 18: Powerful Additions

iPadOS 18 inherits many features from iOS 18, with some iPad-specific enhancements:

watchOS 11, tvOS 18, and visionOS 2

While details were sparse, these updates focus on incremental improvements:

Vision Pro: International Expansion and Software Boost

Vision Pro is set to expand globally, with visionOS 2 bringing new native apps and improved usability.

No New Hardware This Year

Unlike previous years, WWDC 2024 did not feature any major hardware announcements. The focus was entirely on software advancements, reflecting Apple’s strategy to refine and expand its current product capabilities.

How to Watch

The keynote and other sessions are available online for all developers. For those interested in deeper insights, Apple provides extensive resources on the Apple Developer site and app.


WWDC 2024 showcased Apple’s commitment to AI and user customization, with significant updates across its software platforms. The event set the stage for the next generation of Apple’s ecosystem, emphasizing seamless integration and enhanced user experiences.