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Newest Projects

Layoff AlertsGet notifications for company layoff notices up to 60 days before they

Company Projects

CHRISTUS Digital OfficeA real-time digital twin of a corporate office building. Used for seating charts and team structure visualization.
CHRISTUS Mobile AlertsApp that sends real-time alerts about hospital operations to doctors and nurses.
One Trust GDPR DemoDemo app created to showcase the GDPR SDK features for the Unity platform on iOS and Android.

Educational Projects

I Can Tell TimeAward winning app that teaches children how to read an analog
I Can Count To TenAward winning app that teaches children how to count to
I Like ABCsEducational app that teaches children about the
I Like ShapesEducational app that teaches children about the basic
I Like ColorsEducational app that teaches children about the colors and color
I Like MathEducational app that teaches children basic math like addition and


Anti PongMashup of Pong and Breakout, avoid the ball and become the last one
Dodge the BlocksAvoid the red blocks and collect coins to unlock new characters. How high can you score?site
Bullet TimeShoot down all the clocks before time runs out. Includes Game Center
Ball ShooterHow many balls can you shoot before hitting the walls? Includes a Game Center
Nightmares ShooterShoot down the evil stuffed animals and try to survive through the night in this 3D top-down twin-stick shooter game.
UFO PuzzleNavigate mazes and collect enough crystals to power up your UFO to fly back home in this twin-stick puzzle-adventure

Programming Certifications

Unity Certified Expert ProgrammerUnity validated my skills and demonstrated mastery of advanced programming concepts.
LinkedIn Unity Medical VisualizationInteractive and animated 3D human heart viewable in AR and VR environments.
Game Design’s BachelorsGraduated from Full Sail University with my Bachelor’s in Game Design.

Unity Asset Store

Modern PlayerPrefsAn API that extends Unity’s PlayerPrefs to save and load additional data
Modern Large NumbersA simple API to create, add, and subtract large numbers up to 999.9 Quadragintillion, or 10^123 decimal
Modern RSS ReaderA simple API to read XML data from RSS feeds inside Unity Game

University Projects

Crazy ParkA 3D fast-paced platformer where the player will have to race against time and complete their tasks as Park
Dream CatcherRhythm game where you complete songs to capture wandering memories and return them to their
Effects RoyaleBattle royale where each weapon comes with a negative side effect when using
Explorer of Depths2.5D side-scroller where you play as a deep sea submarine trying to establish a base and defend yourself from sea
Life TimeFPS game where your health is time, kill other players to steal their time. Spend your time to get
Locked n’ Loaded TogetherPut together a team to complete bounty assassinations. Hire the weapon smith, driver, hacker, and

Web Development

Chris’s Dev BlogCreated my Dev Blog using the Hugo
Modern ProgrammingCreated this website using the Hugo